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When Dr. Loren Israelsen was in dental school, he realized the dental industry was at the beginning of a massive shift. Dentistry had begun to move away from local, private practices, and more offices were consolidating into groups and corporations. Dental school graduates were becoming less likely to open a practice and more likely to be employed by one.

Dr. Loren also realized this trend isn’t going to change any time soon. Dental groups are efficient and profitable, and experts predict they will continue to grow quickly. Right now, only 30% of all dental offices are part of a group. Over the next 10 years, however, that number is expected to grow to 80%. As Dr. Loren looked around at the increasing consolidation of the dental industry, he knew he had a choice to make. He could either fight a losing battle against it — or he could make it better. 

As you might have guessed, he chose to make it better. 

Dr. Loren wanted to make sure that, as dental practices consolidated, they did so with patients and doctors in mind. He envisioned a company that could provide dentists with both the autonomy of private practice and the support of a DSO. He wanted to create an organization that would provide dentist-owners and associates alike an opportunity to be part of his vision. As soon as he graduated, Dr. Loren made that vision a reality. He joined his passions for dentistry and business to create Positive Impact Dental Alliance. 

Positive Impact Dental Alliance is a DENTIST Support Organization. Dental corporations insist that every office be a carbon copy of each other. They implement cookie-cutter processes that are easy for them to manage. Not us. At Positive Impact Dental Alliance, we’ve chosen to embrace each practice’s unique identity. It’s harder for us, but we’re happy to do it because it’s better for our doctors and we’re creating something we’re proud of. 

We recognize that every office is unique and every doctor has their own vision. Your patients are not the same as the patients in the next town over. Your goals for your practice are not the same as the doctor down the street’s goals. We want to not only encourage our doctors to have a unique vision for their practice, but also support them in making it a reality. Our promise to our doctors is that you will never become just a number. We will always support you in your own clinical and leadership development goals as you move forward in your career.

Right now, the consolidation of dentistry is in its early stages. That means the current generation of doctors has a unique opportunity to shape that transformation. Will the dental industry of the future prioritize excellent patient care and put people over profits? Or will it be a mess of quotas and red tape that makes life harder for doctors and patients alike?

At Positive Impact Dental Alliance, our mission is to be a positive force in shaping dentistry. We know we’re living through an exciting time in dentistry, and we want to guide the industry through this critical period and make sure the end result is a field that prioritizes quality healthcare and prizes doctors’ expertise. 

If you share our passion for making a positive impact in the dental industry, we’d love to meet you. Learn more about how you can join the PIDA team.



Make a Positive Impact on Dentistry 


Transforming Oral Health Care

Creating the Future of Dentistry

Advancing Private Practice


Patients First

  • Make people smile
  • Awareness to the patient experience
  • Take pride in your job
  • Notice the details

Love Your People

  • Always assume the best
  • Teamwork
  • Have a positive mindset

Resourceful and Resilient

  • Be a problem-solver
  • Adapt to change
  • Recognize challenges as an opportunity for growth

Continual Improvement

  • Constant personal and professional development
  • Always do your best work
  • Facilitate two-way feedback
  • Open and honest communication


My name is Dr. Loren Israelsen, and I currently practice in the Oklahoma City area. I’m originally from a small farming community in northern Utah, and my wife is from Alaska. Family and faith are an important part of our lives, and Oklahoma has been a great place to put down our roots and raise our children. My farming roots run deep, and the lessons learned through hard work and responsibility have shaped me into the person and dentist I am today.