Sell or Affiliate Your Practice

Thinking about selling your practice can be overwhelming. You want to make sure your patients are taken care of and your staff is left in good hands. You want to know that you’re getting a fair price for your practice. You also want to limit the legal and logistical challenges that come with changing ownership. 

If any of those things keep you up at night, Positive Impact Dental Alliance was born for this moment! 

At Positive Impact Dental Alliance, we work closely with selling doctors to understand their priorities and plan their transition. Whether you’re ready to retire immediately or you want to keep working for a few more years, we will help you create a transition plan that aligns with your priorities and values. 

When you affiliate with us, you can be confident that we will:

  • Offer a fair price for the business you’ve built
  • Ensure continued, quality care for your patients
  • Provide excellent support for your team

If you’re ready to retire, we will handle all of the administrative and legal processes necessary for you to make that transition. We will also help you find a new doctor who you feel comfortable leaving your team and your patients with. 

If you’re not ready to retire just yet, we can offer you excellent support now. The last things you want to worry about as you’re nearing retirement are staffing, bills, taxes, legal compliance, and other administrative headaches that come with running a dental practice. If you want to keep doing dentistry but get administration off your plate, we would love to discuss a partnership with you. 

Positive Impact Dental Alliance empowers retiring dentists to leave their practice in great hands. When you sell to us, you can be confident that your team will have the support of a DSO behind them without getting lost in an impersonal corporation.

We're not corporate dental — we’re dentists supporting dentists.


I’m interested in talking with you about partnering together or purchasing your practice. If you’re thinking about retirement plans, I’d be happy to explore purchasing your practice. It can be a nerve-wracking time and a tough decision that you only face once in your career. I’ve spent countless hours studying and completing successful practice transitions, and I’m confident that I can facilitate a smooth transition that aligns with your personal goals and values and ensures seamless care for your patients.



There are several ways to successfully transition out in the final 1-10 years of your career. If you’re ready to retire, we’d love to have a conversation with you about purchase options. Or, if you’d like to continue working for a few years but get business management off your plate, that can be a fantastic option as well. We can help you partner with an associate dentist who is eager to learn from you, get to know your patients, and take over when you’re ready to retire. Our vision is to push back against stereotypical corporate dental and give dentists an opportunity to partner together without having to work for an impersonal corporation.

Positive Impact Dental Alliance is here to offer support while you focus on what matters most.